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Petal Photography captures uncontrived, natural, authentic images of Wedding days that celebrate the wild, the delicate, the beauty, and the partnership of all things love.

Petal Photography’s Rose Punch is a fully accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and head photographer at each and every Petal Wedding. Rose’s work has featured in print and online editorial including White Magazine, the cover of Modern Weddings’s Wedding Planner, Luxury Weddings Magazine, Vintage Bride Magazine, Modern Weddings’ Flowers Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Polka Dot Bride, Cosmopolitan Bride, and Insight Sydney with work described by bloggers as “luminous and organic”.

Petal Photography will travel ANYWHERE for your day, calls home the NSW South Coast and is local to the Southern Highlands, Bowral, Kangaroo Valley, Canberra, Illawarra and the Sapphire Coast.

Petal Photography Accredited Professional Photography


A Hello Petal from Rose Punch, Head Photographer

Every weekend, I am asked to tell the story of a couple’s love. And every single weekend, I am awed and humbled by the amazing people I work with and how much of themselves they often share with me. For me to capture raw, unposed images, a couple has to open up to me, let me witness kisses and tears, share the family politics and be totally comfortable having me with them on their most special day. So let me share a little bit in return…

Here is the short version:

I love fine china, the ocean, tea, paint peeled walls,  picnics, stationery, breezy days, typography, negative space and funny people.

And if it’s Sunday morning, you’ve got a hot tea and a bit of time, here is the longer version for you:

  • My best friend is Carl. We got married last year. It is because of Carl that Petal Photography exists. In the pre-Carl era of my life, I was a freelance Wedding Photographer for bigger Photography studios using Wedding Photography formulas rather than good ole fashioned soul. I was severely at risk of being a career photographer, working for a pay-check. Carl reminds me of who I am every day and the creation of Petal Photography was because of this. It allows me to capture Weddings with heart, authenticity and a lot of SOUL.
  • My first true love was a Staffy called Muffin. She was a rescue dog and I think she always knew that I saved her. I took a photo of her once when she was walking, it was an obscure photo of her paws backlit by the sun and bathed in warm light. Now that she is gone, that photo is one of the most precious things I have. That was the original reason I picked up a camera, to achieve that again and to hopefully create this emotion for others.
  • I learned photography using medium format black and white film processed in a darkroom. Digital cameras are indeed a wonderful luxury but I will always be thankful for my old school training. The use of film was pretty important for me in the development of my style in those formative years of study. The gentle care that is needed to be taken with each painstaking shot, I believe is the reason behind my considered approach to the capture of each image and what I see as a delicate and feminine quality in the end result.
  • Petal Photography is named so because my Nana used to call myself and my sisters her ‘petals’. Also because this thing that I loosley term ‘work’, is actually an extension of myself (petal / rose, get it? Corny but true). I believe that as artistic photographers, we put a little bit of ourselves into every image. With that in mind, I have no time for complacency, in every single shot I try to create a little piece of art.
  • I think of potential shots… way too often (and usually when my focus is supposed to be elsewhere). I always seem to be framing things in my mind and picturing how they would look in print or what I would edit out. Streets I drive past, walls, windows, random faces and places. I like the idea that something even unremarkable can be portrayed to be truly lovely and I never tire of being inspired by others.
  • Simply put, Weddings are lots of fun! Every Wedding is an unpredictable journey. I can plan shots as much as I want but in the end, I just have to show up on the day armed with my skills, my gear, a smily face…. and go along for the ride.
  • My advice for every couple who are right now planning your Wedding day. There is something (however minuscule or huge) that does’t go according to plan at EVERY SINGLE Wedding. The flowers may be wilting in the heat, mum might be unhappy with her hair or the big one – it’s pouring rain. Accept now that something is going to go wrong and it’s ok. It will (without a doubt) be the biggest and best day of your lives and no matter what happens, your photos will still be amazing and your marriage will be as beautiful as your Wedding day.


W E D D I N G    P H O T O G R A P H Y 

Packages start at $2990 and include coverage on the day, high-resolution, pint ready and fully edited digital images as well as low resolution images for online, all delivered on a timber Petal Photography USB. Packages also include parent albums and matted prints.

We can create a custom package that will suit intimate or very large Weddings and options to add fine art leather Australian hand made albums, a second photographer or large prints.

Click here to receive packages and information.


P O R T R A I T    P H O T O G R A P H Y 

Portrait Photography starts at $490 and includes an on-location photoshoot, high-resolution and fully edited digital images delivered on a timber Petal Photography USB.

In Portrait photography there is no limit to the creativity of  styling, lighting and locations. Portraits can be one person or three generations and always captured naturally and with an artful eye.

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W H A T    C L I E N T S    S A Y

“When we first met Rose (some 18 months before our wedding) we instinctively knew we wanted Petal Photography to capture our day. I haven’t met anyone like Rose. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does just shines through. She was there every step of the way for John and I, advising, coaching but more importantly keeping us calm & making us feel very special.  I’m a little camera shy to say the least – thank you so much Rose for helping me!!! You captured every laugh, kiss, cuddle along the way – exactly what we wanted. I’d also like to add that the presentation of the photo’s was stunning, your attention to detail is amazing. I’ve kept the ribbon in my wedding memory box. Keep doing what you do Rose.

Lianne + John

“I wanted to let you know how much we absolutely LOVED the photos! There was seriously not a bad one in the whole bunch! You captured such amazing moments and it was like you were there all night even though it was just 4 hours! We were absolutely blown away! The photos were important to me and they more than exceeded my expectations – so thank you so much for that!! Even Stu (who as you probably remember didn’t even care about the photos being taken on the day) was absolutely amazed by how fantastic your photos were and he was thanking his lucky stars that he agreed to letting me hire you. So thank you so so so much – Your photos transport us back to one of the most amazing days of our lives, the memories you have captured are priceless and we will relish looking at them for the rest of our lives! ”
Elle + Stu

“Our photos were Amazing! We absolutely loved your calm manner on the day & your professionalism which showed in each & every photo you captured. You truly highlighted our most intimate & precious moments on camera & we can’t thank you enough for your outstanding craftsmanship & work ethic. I would highly recommend you to all couples or families looking for beautifully taken & unique photographs.”
Shaylah + David

“Our photos are incredible! They capture the emotions and atmosphere of each and every moment. We are so lucky that we had you as a photographer…it will be hard to pick our favourites!!”

Alicia + Liam

“We’ve recommended you to so many people, it was such a pleasure to share our special day with you…such a talented lady!” Ross + Mel

“You are big time bloody amazing!!!” Joanna + Matthew

“Absolutely flawless, love love love!” Jasmine + Joel

“Absolutely amazing! Such a talented versatile photographer.” Marike + Glen

I’m so so happy with everything you have done for us…. words can’t express what it all means. So thank you again.” Tori + Matt

“Rose, you could not have been more amazing on our wedding day. You were like having a friend hanging around. Super fun and also super talented. So many of the guests commented on how organised you were and what a great job you did.” Jacqui + Jeffie

“Rose is an amazing inspired-photographer!!! She captured the best of our day!” Emmanuelle + Robert


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