Baby Lola – South Coast Family Photography

I met these two when I photographed their Wedding 2 years ago. Perhaps it was our love (or obsession, call it what you will) of dogs, or perhaps it was our fondness of inappropriate jokes… and airborne cakes… either way, I’m so happy to today call this beautiful lady a friend as we venture on the journey of mama-hood together. Their tiny friend, Baby Lola is quite obviously and ridiculously the most beautiful being to ever grace this universe, (for reals) so this family session was no hard task.

As Petal Photography grows – in the evolving rather than expanding sense, this is the direction I would like to take my work. As much as I would always love to photograph Weddings, I’m so fascinated with capturing people in their day to day lives. I’m genuinely excited to see how my work might develop with this new intrigue, a tiny spark (that was born when my daughter Daisy was) to explore the relationships people have and the littlest of moments in their lives. As this is somewhat new territory, or at least not my comfort zone, I really hope you like these images.


A South Coast Country Wedding

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Amy and Ragnar
2 people meeting against the odds, both freakishly good at being awesome. Getting married in a way that reflects only them. Not tradition or expectation.
And one day that was beyond great in its love and uniqueness.
I think I cried more in this ceremony than any other, and that was in the Icelandic parts. Sometimes it’s just hard not to get caught up in the beauty of it all.
Venue: Bhundoo Bush Cottages
Flowers: Wabi by Kyla Stone


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One year ago today we welcomed one sweet little flower into our lives. We soon learned she was more of a wildflower… and then, actually we realised we were raising a wildebeest-bulldozer hybrid.

What a journey it has been. What a responsibility it is to nurture and shape a person. And who knew we could love someone so much. She is so small and yet she has shifted our world immeasurably.

Here are some photos of our journey so far with the tiny, beautiful, wild one.

Bawley Point – Trash The Dress Shoot

Any bride who is willing to get out in the rain, let their dress drag on the ground or get their feet in the water is a legend in my book. I guess this makes Katy a… super-legend?!

Katy and Luke jumped off a really high jetty- the Bawley Point Gantry for their ‘trash the dress shoot’ the day after their Wedding last week- and I got to have a swim while working so I think we’re all winners.

Pretty much in awe of this awesome force.


Yacht Club Wedding

This was one of the most lovely Weddings I have been lucky enough to capture. While the couple sailed away under the moon at the end of the night, I overheard the groom’s mum comment that there goes her happy son and his beautiful new bride sailing away on a boat with their friends. It really was like something from a fairy tale.

Cecily and Matthew’s beautiful Wedding was held at the Kuring-Gai Motor Yacht Club at Cottage Point on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This was a DIY Wedding in the true sense, with the majority of the decorations here created by the couple themselves including the flowers and handmade paper pom poms made from vintage sewing patterns.

And if you still war more, check out a few shots from their engagement portrait at the end.

I hope you enjoy… I know I did.

You can also see this Wedding’s feature on Polka Dot Bride: and Vintage Bride Magazine here:

Polka Dot Bride Feature Petal Photography

South Coast Wedding Photography

South Coast Wedding Photography

South Coast Wedding Photography006

South Coast Wedding Photography

South Coast Wedding Photography

South Coast Wedding Photography

South Coast Wedding Photography009

South Coast Wedding Photography007

South Coast Wedding Photography008

South Coast Wedding Photography012

South Coast Wedding Photography013

South Coast Wedding Photography014

South Coast Wedding Photography015

South Coast Wedding Photography016

South Coast Wedding Photography017

South Coast Wedding Photography018

South Coast Wedding Photography020

South Coast Wedding Photography021

South Coast Wedding Photography026

South Coast Wedding Photography022

South Coast Wedding Photography023

South Coast Wedding Photography029

South Coast Wedding Photography030

South Coast Wedding Photography

South Coast Wedding Photography032

South Coast Wedding Photography033

South Coast Wedding Photography035

South Coast Wedding Photography034

South Coast Wedding Photography038

South Coast Wedding Photography037

South Coast Wedding Photography036

South Coast Wedding Photography040

South Coast Wedding Photography042

South Coast Wedding Photography045

South Coast Wedding Photography043

South Coast Wedding Photography044

South Coast Wedding Photography047

South Coast Wedding Photography048

South Coast Wedding Photography051

South Coast Wedding Photography050

South Coast Wedding Photography052

South Coast Wedding Photography054

South Coast Wedding Photography055

South Coast Wedding Photography059

South Coast Wedding Photography058

South Coast Wedding Photography062

South Coast Wedding Photography063

 South Coast Wedding Photography061

South Coast Wedding Photography064

South Coast Wedding Photography065

South Coast Wedding Photography066

South Coast Wedding Photography069

South Coast Wedding Photography071

South Coast Wedding Photography070

South Coast Wedding Photography076

South Coast Wedding Photography077

South Coast Wedding Photography074

South Coast Wedding Photography078

 South Coast Wedding Photography079

South Coast Wedding Photography085

South Coast Wedding Photography080

South Coast Wedding Photography081

South Coast Wedding Photography083

South Coast Wedding Photography082

South Coast Wedding Photography110

South Coast Wedding Photography111

South Coast Wedding Photography091

South Coast Wedding Photography092

South Coast Wedding Photography093

South Coast Wedding Photography094

South Coast Wedding Photography097

South Coast Wedding Photography096

South Coast Wedding Photography095

South Coast Wedding Photography098

South Coast Wedding Photography101

South Coast Wedding Photography100

South Coast Wedding Photography103

South Coast Wedding Photography102

South Coast Wedding Photography105

South Coast Wedding Photography104

South Coast Wedding Photography106

South Coast Wedding Photography132

South Coast Wedding Photography133

South Coast Wedding Photography134

South Coast Wedding Photography135

South Coast Wedding Photography112

South Coast Wedding Photography113

South Coast Wedding Photography114

South Coast Wedding Photography120

South Coast Wedding Photography121

South Coast Wedding Photography122

South Coast Wedding Photography123

South Coast Wedding Photography124

South Coast Wedding Photography129

South Coast Wedding Photography130

South Coast Wedding Photography131

South Coast Wedding Photography118

South Coast Wedding Photography119

South Coast Wedding Photography109

South Coast Wedding Photography108

South Coast Wedding Photography137

South Coast Wedding Photography138

South Coast Wedding Photography150

South Coast Wedding Photography161

South Coast Wedding Photography155

South Coast Wedding Photography156

South Coast Wedding Photography160

South Coast Wedding Photography157

South Coast Wedding Photography158

South Coast Wedding Photography153

South Coast Wedding Photography151

South Coast Wedding Photography152

South Coast Wedding Photography159

South Coast Wedding Photography162

South Coast Wedding Photography163

South Coast Wedding Photography164

South Coast Wedding Photography165

South Coast Wedding Photography166

South Coast Wedding Photography167

South Coast Wedding Photography202

South Coast Wedding Photography197

South Coast Wedding Photography198

South Coast Wedding Photography169

South Coast Wedding Photography154

South Coast Wedding Photography171

South Coast Wedding Photography170

South Coast Wedding Photography172

South Coast Wedding Photography173

South Coast Wedding Photography174

South Coast Wedding Photography175

South Coast Wedding Photography179

South Coast Wedding Photography176

South Coast Wedding Photography177

South Coast Wedding Photography178

South Coast Wedding Photography180

South Coast Wedding Photography181

South Coast Wedding Photography182

South Coast Wedding Photography183

South Coast Wedding Photography186

South Coast Wedding Photography187

South Coast Wedding Photography188

South Coast Wedding Photography190

South Coast Wedding Photography191

South Coast Wedding Photography192

South Coast Wedding Photography193

South Coast Wedding Photography194

South Coast Wedding Photography195

South Coast Wedding Photography199

South Coast Wedding Photography200

South Coast Wedding Photography201

South Coast Wedding Photography204

And some of the lovely couple’s engagement photos, just in case you still want more.

Engagement Portrait Ideas Sydney

Engagement Portrait Ideas Sydney

Engagement Portrait Ideas Sydney

Engagement Portrait Ideas Sydney

Engagement Portrait Ideas Sydney

Engagement Portrait Ideas Sydney

Engagement Portrait Ideas Sydney

Engagement Portrait Ideas Sydney

Engagement Portrait Ideas Sydney

Bawley Point Wedding – Bel+Tom

It’s been a long time between blog posts, mainly because a new website is underway and lots of new loveliness almost ready to show you.

But the brief for this day was to focus on the people. And I liked that. I had such a nice sense of who this beautiful couple (and family was) that I wanted to share more than a few Facebook previews, hoping that you might get a feel for this lovely day too!

All held at Bawley Bush Retreat, this is Belinda and Tom (and Ferg).


Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-1

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-2

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-3

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-4

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-5

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-6

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-7

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-8

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-9

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-10

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-11

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-12

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-13

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-14

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-15

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-16

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-17

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-18

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-19

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-20

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-21

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-22

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-23

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-24

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-25

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-26

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-27

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-28

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-29

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-30

Ross + Melanie

Ross + Melanie

Ross + Melanie’s Wedding was a whole lot of foxy wonderfulness. It featured in an 8 page spread in the fabulous Vintage Bride Magazine.south-coast-wedding-photographer-3south-coast-wedding-photographer-5south-coast-wedding-photographer-9south-coast-wedding-photographer-13south-coast-wedding-photographer-2south-coast-wedding-photographer-12south-coast-wedding-photographer-11south-coast-wedding-photographer-6south-coast-wedding-photographer-10south-coast-wedding-photographer-16south-coast-wedding-photographer-8south-coast-wedding-photographer-200south-coast-wedding-photographer-15south-coast-wedding-photographer-7south-coast-wedding-photographer-4south-coast-wedding-photographer-20south-coast-wedding-photographer-19south-coast-wedding-photographer-18south-coast-wedding-photographer-17south-coast-wedding-photographer-21south-coast-wedding-photographer-26south-coast-wedding-photographer-24south-coast-wedding-photographer-22south-coast-wedding-photographer-201south-coast-wedding-photographer-26south-coast-wedding-photographer-42south-coast-wedding-photographer-202south-coast-wedding-photographer-31south-coast-wedding-photographer-28south-coast-wedding-photographer-32south-coast-wedding-photographer-35south-coast-wedding-photographer-29south-coast-wedding-photographer-36south-coast-wedding-photographer-37south-coast-wedding-photographer-39south-coast-wedding-photographer-40south-coast-wedding-photographer-41south-coast-wedding-photographer-61south-coast-wedding-photographer-69south-coast-wedding-photographer-70south-coast-wedding-photographer-44south-coast-wedding-photographer-64south-coast-wedding-photographer-67south-coast-wedding-photographer-65south-coast-wedding-photographer-59south-coast-wedding-photographer-46south-coast-wedding-photographer-57south-coast-wedding-photographer-58south-coast-wedding-photographer-55south-coast-wedding-photographer-54south-coast-wedding-photographer-53south-coast-wedding-photographer-66south-coast-wedding-photographer-203south-coast-wedding-photographer-45south-coast-wedding-photographer-76south-coast-wedding-photographer-74south-coast-wedding-photographer-96south-coast-wedding-photographer-73south-coast-wedding-photographer-204south-coast-wedding-photographer-72south-coast-wedding-photographer-99south-coast-wedding-photographer-98south-coast-wedding-photographer-95south-coast-wedding-photographer-94south-coast-wedding-photographer-93south-coast-wedding-photographer-100south-coast-wedding-photographer-92south-coast-wedding-photographer-205south-coast-wedding-photographer-91south-coast-wedding-photographer-112south-coast-wedding-photographer-79south-coast-wedding-photographer-88south-coast-wedding-photographer-89south-coast-wedding-photographer-87south-coast-wedding-photographer-86south-coast-wedding-photographer-111south-coast-wedding-photographer-108south-coast-wedding-photographer-107south-coast-wedding-photographer-106south-coast-wedding-photographer-105south-coast-wedding-photographer-102south-coast-wedding-photographer-101south-coast-wedding-photographer-103south-coast-wedding-photographer-104south-coast-wedding-photographer-116south-coast-wedding-photographer-120south-coast-wedding-photographer-125south-coast-wedding-photographer-132south-coast-wedding-photographer-131south-coast-wedding-photographer-134south-coast-wedding-photographer-133south-coast-wedding-photographer-130south-coast-wedding-photographer-128south-coast-wedding-photographer-127south-coast-wedding-photographer-113south-coast-wedding-photographer-115south-coast-wedding-photographer-118south-coast-wedding-photographer-117south-coast-wedding-photographer-129south-coast-wedding-photographer-135south-coast-wedding-photographer-124

Maddie + Owen’s Kangaroo Valley Wedding – as seen in White Magazine
Wedding – Bowral, Southern Highlands NSW

Wedding – Bowral, Southern Highlands NSW

Anna and Ben invited me to Bowral in the Southern Highlands to capture their Wedding day.

As Maria said in The Sound of Music – in their youth, they must have done something good. Two genuine and gentle souls – one in Germany and one in Australia managed to beat the odds, find each other and then make it official in the most beautiful place on the kind of day that all couples dream of.

Thank you for asking me to tell the story of your day, Anna and Ben. It really was a special one.

This Wedding was hosted at the stunning Milton Park Country House in Bowral and Anna became a truly stunning bride when she put on this gown created by Daniel Learmont Couture.

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography075

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography081

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography044

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography040


Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography079

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography080

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography041

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography054

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography059

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography043

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography042

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography063

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography068

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography058

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography053

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography074


Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography069

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography047

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography048

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography


Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography076

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography045

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography056

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography078

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography060


Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography073

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography050

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography072

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography077

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography083

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography062

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography064

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography066

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography065

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography084

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography082